Meet Kei

Meet Kei, a fiery recording artist taking New England’s music scene by storm. Growing up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, she recalls regularly being surrounded by creative energy. Whether it was her father encouraging her to explore activities like singing and dancing, or her friends experimenting with making music around her, creative pursuits have always been an integral part Kei’s life.

“My Dad was a producer known as Kelokeyzz in the 1990s so he always had old recording equipment lying around. When I would get upset as a kid, he would always take me into his studio and play music because it would calm me down.”

When the Coronavirus outbreak sent everyone inside in 2020, Kei found herself in a dark place. Without access to her friends or usual activities, she struggled to find a sense of normalcy. As a naturally social person, the pandemic-induced isolation left her looking for a way to reconnect with people. When she decided to channel her emotions creatively, her debut EP, Baby Steps was born. Featuring friends and collaborators MOA Cash and Stray Tha Godd, the project combined confident raps with contagious beats - instantly making each of the 6 unique tracks unskippable.

When local mandates lifted and people began emerging, Kei was encouraged to throw a listening party by her friend Madson. When the infectious energy of her Baby Steps EP hit DSPs and received great reviews from her friends, the local music scene quickly took note. Being thrust into a community where she could express herself in all the ways she’d been accustomed to pre-pandemic, she thrived. With her performances drawing crowds small and large, Kei is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Photography by Kleef Milly (@millyforthree)


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