Meet Deeky

Sadiq "Deeky" Ervin is a multifaceted creative in the Greater Boston area with a primary focus on event management, production and photography. Surrounded by neighborhood youth growing up in his childhood home of Mattapan, MA, Sadiq has been organizing large group activities for as long as he can recall. Being surrounded by 10-15 peers at any given time, he was regularly tasked with building community. As he matured, tag games turned into guest lists, and his knack for community building graduated into a full-blown love for networking and coordinating.

Immersing himself in opportunities to learn about live event production with local universities, non-profits, production houses, venues, and music festivals, he has developed a wide breadth and depth of experience navigating the ever-changing landscape of the events industry since 2015. Most recently taking his talents to the office of Common Spaces at Harvard University, Sadiq has committed to breathing life into events on campus and providing a platform for local artists via weekly Tunes@Noon concerts. With a renewed focus on talent management & consultation through his SZND Media Group (SMG) imprint, he has also had the honor and privilege of working with breakout talents Miya Coleman, Keianna "Kei" Richardson, Joyce Wrice and Mary J. Blige.